Are you looking for the perfect PA? A female representative who manages all your affairs down to the finest details? A PA who is always available online, mobile and digitally?

Annemieke van Elst has extensive experience as the right hand to CEOs, Director/Majority Shareholders and medical specialists. Decisiveness, flexibility and an exceptionally empathetic approach take care of the rest.

Working at various levels and in various sectors has not only broadened her perspective, but her network too. She is capable of managing, executing and organising your secretarial affairs efficiently. At your service, both in and out of the office.

You can deploy her flexibly as an executive secretary or PA. She can be at your service (online) on a weekly basis for five hours or more. But also, for example, as a full-time office manager for a project, a temporary replacement for your PA, or a management assistant for short-term expansion of tasks.

Annemieke is always contactable, even outside office hours.

In addition, she has extensive experience in the recruitment and selection of permanent or temporary administrative support staff.

Read what clients say about her.

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